Window Installation & Replacement in Michigan

Window Installer Troy MIDoes your home have old, leaky windows? Replace them with attractive, efficient windows from Marvin Design Gallery.

The refrigerator you bought in the eighties probably uses a ton of energy, and the ancient dishwasher in your kitchen probably uses gallons of extra water every time you run it. Old windows, too, just like those old appliances, tend to create a huge impact on the energy efficiency and cost of running your home.

Replacement windows may offer one of the most impressive savings on energy of any renovation project you undertake. The Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR program suggests the average home may save up to $465 a year when replacing single-pane windows with double-pane, ENERGY STAR qualified windows. Even if your Michigan home already features double-paned windows, upgrading them to new Marvin windows may save you up to $111 a year on energy costs.

Why Replace Your Windows?

Promises of better energy efficiency and functionality may inspire you to replace windows, but new windows offer several additional benefits. With new windows, you may:

  • Create an incredible new look
  • Reduce maintenance requirements
  • Create a historically appropriate facade

Your Choices For Window Renovation: How We Can Help!

Window Contractor Grosse Pointe MILike other features on your home, the age and condition of your windows will dictate the best course of action. As both a window retailer and installation expert, Marvin Design Gallery offers many different options and services, including window and glass replacement, window repair, window painting and staining and project planning.

Window Replacement

Those drafts that seem to leak through your windows every winter wreak havoc on your home heating bills. We will replace your windows, and our experienced crew will ensure your new windows meet the manufacturer’s installation requirements.

Glass Replacement

A cracked pane does not necessarily mean the entire window needs to come out. We will repair the pane or replace it on site.

Window Repair

Like any other moving apparatus, windows may fail. What should you do about that window in the bathroom that will not stay open on its own? A simple spring replacement or repair of the balance should get that window functioning again.

Painting or Staining 

Want your new windows to match your home? We can paint or stain your windows to help them blend into your home’s facade and style. The option to paint or stain your windows expands the number of design options you have for window upgrades. Want a modern window style for your mid-century home? A coat of paint may be all you need.

Project Planning 

Perhaps you have not yet decided how you want to attack your window upgrades. We will discuss your goals and figure out the best course of action for your home improvement project. We can even offer assistance for custom homes and new construction. You will want to visit our Bloomfield Hills, MI showroom to see your choices in person.

Tip: Send us a Service Request form and a photo of your windows. We can tell you your options and whether full replacement or glass replacement would offer the best result. We’ll also discuss the types of windows that might fit your space best.

Window Replacement and Installation Contractor Rochester MISome Available Window Options

  • Bay Window: A window that projects outward from its wall
  • Bow Window: A curved bay window
  • Casement Window: A window attached to the frame with a set of hinges that may swing out on the horizontal plane
  • Double Hung Window: A window where the top pane and bottom pane each move up and down

Take a look at our gallery of window work for inspiration!

Our 5-Point Pledge

Why Choose Us?

Window replacement may create dramatic change for your home, and we are committed to helping you choose the right windows for your home without overpowering sales pressure. To ensure the best possible experience, we developed a 5-Point Pledge to help create an outstanding experience with every home renovation project.

Our 5-Point Pledge Features the Following Promises:
  1. Zero Pressure. We will never put the sales pressure on you. We give you options, and you always have time to decide.
  2. On Time. Our projects are finished on time with constant communication.
  3. On Budget. We stick to the contract. No unexpected or extra fees.
  4. Unmatched Product. Every project features a “20/10/5 Warranty” promise.
  5. Installation. Professional installation standards guide our every project.

Want to know if your home needs a full set of new windows or whether some strategic repairs and maintenance will extend the life of your current set? Contact us for a home renovation consultation anywhere in the area of southeastern Michigan. We’re known for our window installations and replacements as well as door installations and replacements.