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Marvin Design Gallery by Laurence Smith offers attractive windows and doors of superior value with expert craftsmanship, performance, innovative features and unlimited design flexibility. Our showroom in Bloomfield Hills, MI gives customers the opportunity to browse our products and ask our team of experts questions.

Historic homes with old wooden windows and doors that have stood the test of time feature professional, craftsman-quality work that seems to last forever. Think back to the builders of the past and how a master craftsman and his apprentice would work to create the perfect windows for a home. Each project was unique and created a look designed solely for that house.

Gallery by
Laurence Smith

Marvin Design Gallery by Laurence Smith

Why Choose Marvin

Style, Choice

Established almost a century ago in Michigan, Marvin offers decades of creativity and innovation in their designs. No other company features more variety. Does your home’s facade need a sleek, modern set of windows with large panes and unobtrusive frames? We have you covered. Is your home a beautiful colonial that requires a little history and old- fashioned class of windows? You will find the best replacement windows with Marvin.

& Tradition

With nearly a century of industry-leading innovation, Marvin is the company everyone in the home renovation industry wishes they could be. From its humble beginnings as a lumber company in Minnesota (which remains the company’s headquarters) to the modern leader in made-to-order windows, Marvin is the most respected name in windows today.


An essential and impactful way to renovate homes and build new houses today is through environmentally responsible building techniques. Beyond the materials used in initial construction, Marvin and the professionals at Laurence Smith consider the construction, renovation, maintenance and demolition costs of every project and how special building techniques will reduce the project’s environmental impact.


Using the government’s ENERGY STAR standards, Marvin windows help you keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Today’s windows even measure the strength of the window for features like security, drafts and pressure.

Why Ultimate?

You’ll feel Signature Ultimate quality in every touch. It’s in simple and smart breakthroughs like Lift Lock hardware, which allows for easy access to open and lock a window. It’s in our Lock Status Sensor: a home automation solution that gives you peace of mind because it indicates if a window or door is closed and locked, or if it’s unlocked. These are just a few examples of our many
industry-leading innovations.

Installation & Replacement

The Experience With
Marvin Windows
and Doors

Installation of Marvin replacement windows and doors promises much more than a new set of windows or a new front door. Through the expertise of the renovation experts at Marvin Design Gallery and the remarkable variety in size, shape and color of Marvin products, your new windows and doors will feel like an inspirational portal to the world.

Whether the view from your windows is a grand vista or a view of the backyard where the kids like to run through the sprinklers in the summer, new windows connect your home to the world, and we use Marvin windows to make sure that view is unforgettable.

Did you know that the company who installs your windows is just as important as the manufacturer you choose for your new windows? Marvin’s made-to-order windows are best installed by an experienced crew of dedicated renovation artists. Request a consultation today with Marvin Design Gallery by Laurence Smith!

Gallery by
Laurence Smith

Take a look at our gallery of window and door images and prepare to be inspired!

Zero Pressure On You We will never put the sales pressure on you. We give you options, and you always have time to decide.

On Time Service Our projects are finished on time with constant communication.

Installation Process Professional installation standards guide our every project.

On Budget Always We stick to the contract. No unexpected or extra fees.

Unmatched Product Every project features a “20/10/5 Warranty”promise.



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