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Do you need new exterior doors in your Southeast Michigan home? Do you want to change the feel, appearance and energy efficiency of your home in a single afternoon? Your front doors might be the perfect place to start.

What do your guests notice when they come to your home? The door that they stare at while waiting for you to answer the doorbell’s ring. Even if the door is one of the only features of your home that you upgrade, the visual impact of a new door can look stunning.

At a certain point, coating your front door with some new paint won’t fix what gravity and age do to the average door. With help from Marvin Design Gallery by Laurence Smith, you will find the perfect look for your doors and enjoy swift installation from our professional crew.

Why Replace Your

Promises of better energy efficiency and functionality may inspire you to replace Doors, but new Doors offer several additional benefits. With new Doors, you may:

Create an incredible
new look

Reduce maintenance

Create a historically
appropriate facade

How We
Can Help!Your Choices For
Window and Door

Like other features on your home, the age and condition of your windows will dictate the best course of action. As both a window retailer and installation expert, Marvin Design Gallery offers many different options and services, including window and glass replacement, window repair, window painting and staining and project planning.

window retailer and installation
expert, Marvin Design Gallery

OptionsExplore our All
Available Doors

Take a look at our gallery of doors
work for inspiration!

Entry Door: A pre-hung option that features locks and is often
80 inches in height
French Door: A door that features glass panes from top to bottom
Slider Door: Usually leading to the patio, a pair of doors where at least one door uses a track to slide open and closed
Patio Door: A sliding door that leads to a patio or other backyard feature like a garden or balcony

Zero Pressure On You We will never put the sales pressure on you. We give you options, and you always have time to decide.

On Time Service Our projects are finished on time with constant communication.

Installation Process Professional installation standards guide our every project.

On Budget Always We stick to the contract. No unexpected or extra fees.

Unmatched Product Every project features a “20/10/5 Warranty”promise.

Our commitment to a superior client experience is a feature we have cultivated since 1939. All exterior doors we install and hang benefit from our passion for customer satisfaction. Our business thrives on the personal communication and old-fashioned attention we give every project and customer.

Looking to replace your external doors with something beautiful and new? Contact Marvin Design Gallery by Laurence Smith for a zero-pressure consultation on your home
improvement project.



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