Homeowners often think about their windows in one of two ways: They rely on them to let a little light into their homes, or they use them to bring a breath of fresh air into the house. But maybe you want a bit more from your new windows. If you do, you’re not alone.

Designers, architects, and homeowners increasingly look at windows as essential design elements within the home. Here are a few examples of homes that have used Marvin windows in just that way.

Here’s a modern style home that uses conventional windows on one side of the Great Room and supplements them with high, narrow windows just below the ceiling to let in additional light on three sides of the room, while continuing to provide plenty of intimacy and privacy.

Ann Arbor home windowsHere’s a similar look with some slight differences. In this case that homeowners have opted for ceiling-level windows on one side of the room (and pick up the shape of the windows in the divider that separates the Great Room from the stairway landing. But notice that the windows continue into the landing space—to prevent it from being a dark. Also, these homeowners used high sheer drapes to filter sunlight and provide a little extra privacy while the ceiling-level windows still let in light.

Ann Arbor home window installationThe Family Room in this home uses windows in a couple of different ways. While all of the windows let in light (and take advantage of a great outdoor view), the windows on the sides allow the homeowners to let in a nice lake breeze when they want. Plus the uniquely shaped top window mimics the shape and style of the whole house—and draws the eye up to the beautiful natural wood vaulted ceiling.

Ann Arbor home family room windowsPrivate rooms can also use windows creatively. The window in the shower of this bathroom is a great example. It lets in enough light to keep the shower area bright (who wants to shower in the shadows?), and it offers a nice view, but it’s also small enough that it provides plenty of privacy.

Bathroom windows in Ann Arbor

If you’re looking to create a dramatic entrance for your Ann Arbor home, you could even try something along the lines of the picture below. The homeowners took advantage of their vaulted ceiling and the three-tiered windows you see here stand opposite the front door in this home. Visitors are treated to a great view when they step inside the home.

Ann Arbor home window design and installation

These are just a few ideas for using windows creatively for your Ann Arbor-area home. Of course, there’s no substitute for getting your hands on the actual items. That’s why I invite you to visit us to take a look inside our Bloomfield Hills showroom—or come by 2350 Franklin Road, in Bloomfield Hills, MI.