You may not think trends are terribly important—especially when it comes to choosing doors or windows for your Ann Arbor home. But bear in mind that there’s a big difference between a trend and a fad.

Fads come and go all the time. They’re based on what some “expert” thinks looks good at the moment. A home-design trend, on the other hand, is usually based on a larger movement of people who opt for something because it improves the quality of their lives or helps them enjoy. With that in mind, let’s look at a couple of home-design trends that we’re seeing in the areas of doors and windows.

  • Connecting the Inside and the Outside of the Home: You’ve probably noticed that homes today favor open, spacious interiors that break down the barriers between the interior and exterior of a home. Large casement windows or direct-glaze options can provide fantastic unobstructed views to the outside. In some cases, walls of windows essentially replace conventional walls. And one of the nice things about it is that this approach works well with both traditional and contemporary designs.
  • An Abundance of Doors: The standard used to be that you’d find a ratio of (roughly) one door to every eight windows. But as doors have become increasingly energy-efficient, homeowners are opting for more options to walk outside—from different points in the home. There are so many beautiful door options now that a homeowner can enjoy the beauty and energy-efficiency of a window while having additional access to the outside.
  • The Increasing Popularity of Universal Design: Sometimes when people hear the term Universal Design, they automatically think of “aging in place.” But Universal Design is much broader than that. It’s really a more “multi-generational” approach to home design. As you think through the design or your new Bloomfield Hills home, you’ll want to consider ease of use and style in the windows and doors your choose.

Those are all trends worth considering as you look for the best windows and doors for your home. And of course, you’ll want to select a supplier with a long history of delivering the best quality windows and doors—and one who will be there to stand behind the products you choose.