windows for Ann Arbor homes There are a couple of home building and home remodeling trends that have been growing in significance over the past few years. One trend is that an increasing number of mature adults are choosing to remain in their own homes longer. The other is that all over the country there is an increase in the number of multi-generational households.

Universal design is an approach that allows a home to meet the changing needs of its occupants. And while many homeowners tend to think of bathroom and kitchen features when considering universal design elements, your doors and windows play a big role in making your home safe and comfortable for occupants of all ages.

Here are just a couple of examples of how doors and windows can make a big difference in your Ann Arbor home.


The Low Profile Sill patio door that you see above is a perfect example of one way you can eliminate tripping danger from your home. With a sill that’s only ¾” high, it makes moving back and forth between the inside and the outside of your home carefree. Whether you’re trying to make life easier for toddlers or for a more mature family member, this is one area of your home you won’t have to worry about. The Marvin Ultimate Glider also offers low handle placement to make it easier to open and close the doors. And our sliding doors include systems that activate multiple lock points with just one thumb turn—making it convenient and easy to provide an extra layer of security. And in addition to providing safety and convenience, these doors look great and come in a variety of styles and finishes.

Ease of Operation

Awning windows for Ann Arbor homes Of course, your doors and windows need to do more than look great. They have to function flawlessly and easily. Another aspect of universal design has to do with making it easy and comfortable to live in your home. The Ultimate Awning window you see here is available in a number of sizes and features a smooth-operating crank handle that takes only a few rotations to open. It makes letting fresh air into your Ann Arbor home a breeze.

It’s one thing to read about ease of operation and quality features. It’s something else to experience those things first hand. If you’re considering replacing your existing windows or doors—and want to make sure that they meet your needs regarding safety and ease of operation, we invite you to take a look inside our Bloomfield Hills showroom—or come by 2350 Franklin Road, in Bloomfield Hills, MI, where you can see a wide range of window and door styles and color options for your home. We’d love to help you find the perfect windows and doors that will make a huge impact in the way your home looks and feels.