Why-Settle-for-Ordinary-Doors-or-Windows-for-Your-Plymouth-Area-HomeWhether you’re building a new home or remodeling your existing Plymouth-area home, there’s nothing that says you have to settle for ordinary-looking doors or windows. Let’s face it, not every home is the same, and not every homeowner’s sense of style is the same.


So why should you have to settle for what works in “most” homes?

You don’t! One way that you can express your sense of style and creativity is with the design and configurations of the doors and windows you choose—including the finishes.

For right now, let’s just take a look at some of the exterior and interior finish options you have with Marvin Windows.

Exterior Finishes

The outside of your home makes a statement. And there’s no reason why your home has to look exactly like every other house on the block. Here’s a quick look at the exterior finish colors and woods available for your home.

Exterior Wood Exterior Colors












Interior Finishes

Of course you spend more of your time inside your home than you do looking at it from the outside. You should have plenty of finish options on the inside as well. With today’s beautiful window designs and wide array of gorgeous colors you can find a finish that fits the rest of your interior. Take a look at all of the wood color options you have from which to choose!

Interior Wood Colors Interior Wood 2









Or, if you prefer, you also have the option of other finishes that may complement your interior design better.

Interior Colors


No matter what style or color finish you’re looking for in the new doors or windows for your Plymouth -area home, we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. And for a “hands-on” examination of quality window and door fixtures, visit us to take a look inside our Bloomfield Hills showroom—or come by 2350 Franklin Road, in Bloomfield Hills, MI.