window contractor keego harbor mi Choosing new windows for your Keego Harbor home is an important consideration. Naturally, you want windows that look great. And of course, you want to pay a fair price for what you’re getting. That’s where things can get a little complicated. How can you ensure that you’re getting the best value for the money you’re spending—and not just the lowest price? Does it really matter what your Keego Harbor home windows are made of?

Let’s face it; most homeowners don’t get too excited about reading product specifications. It’s not the most entertaining reading material around! We’re not going to make you wade through a lot of technical information in this post, either. But it is important to know that when it comes to composite materials for the windows in your home, not all composites are equal. Unfortunately, the classifications for window materials have been pretty broad in the past. What that means is that there can be a broad range of quality (and performance) among windows that are classified the same.

Some window companies have taken advantage of this situation to produce windows that use less-expensive materials (such as sawdust chips and vinyl) to create a thermoplastic composite that gets classified in the same category as other composites that offer far superior properties and performance.

That can be problematic when you’re trying to choose windows for you Keego Harbor home. When you’re looking at two different windows that appear to meet the same specifications, why would you pay more for one than the other?

Fortunately, new standards have been put in place that helps ensure that consumers can compare apples to apples when considering new or replacement windows. Of course, these standards still use terminology that may not make a whole lot of sense to most homeowners.

That’s why we invite you to take a look inside our Bloomfield Hills showroom—or come by 2350 Franklin Road, in Bloomfield Hills, MI. In addition to being able to see a wide range of windows, you can actually get your hands on them to see how they operate. Plus you’ll be able to get answers to the questions you have about the quality of different windows—in language that makes sense to you. That can be a huge benefit in choosing the right windows for your Keego Harbor home.