New windows for your Birmingham homeWhen selecting new windows for your Birmingham home, it’s not unusual to focus on two particular sides of the fixtures you’re considering: The inside and the outside. That makes a lot of sense, actually, since that’s what you (and your neighbors and guests) will see.

Inside: Windows are an extremely important design element for the inside of your home. You’ll probably want to maximize the natural light that your windows allow in—creating an open and airy feel to your interior. And you may well want to take advantage of the fresh air that your windows let into your home. With the right windows, you can take advantage of great outdoor views. But of course, you want plenty of finish options so that your windows compliment the interior design of your home.

Outside: It’s equally important that your windows work well with the outside appearance of your home. Even if you have an older home and want to update your windows, you want the ability to select something that matches or compliments the outside design of your home. That’s particularly true if you have a “period” style home that just wouldn’t look right with modern-style windows.

There are, however, other sides to your windows that you’ll want to consider before making your choice. Let’s look at a few of those.

Durability: Regardless of what style window you select, you want your windows to last for years. The means choosing windows that are well-made and use materials that are designed to last—and look great for years.

Functionality/Convenience: Let’s be honest; you don’t just look at your windows or look through them. You also use them. A window that doesn’t open and close smoothly and easily is a frustration. Even if it looks nice, it simply doesn’t offer the same kind of value as a window that delivers consistent functionality and convenience.

Energy-efficiency: These days it’s more important than ever to install windows that keep cold air out in the winter (keeping you warm and comfortable inside) and help you keep your home comfortably cool in the summer. In addition to increasing your comfort level, energy-efficient windows can also decrease your utility bill.

So what does the process look like when you’re considering new windows for your Birmingham home? Because Marvin is the largest window manufacturer in the country, they offer window solutions that you often can’t find elsewhere. And if you to take a look inside our Bloomfield Hills showroom—or come by 2350 Franklin Road, in Bloomfield Hills, MI, you can see a wide range of options for your home. That gives you a better sense of what might work best for your home.