It’s easy to see why open design architecture that incorporates lots of windows is so popular these days. What you see outside becomes part of your interior design. Abundant natural light makes even smaller rooms feel more spacious and comfortable. It’s also a feature that works equally well with modern, traditional, or transitional designs.

There are times, however, when you will want to block out intense light to help keep your home cooler in the winter, or close windows off in the winter months to keep your home warm. Increasingly, window shades have replaced traditional drapes as the window treatment of choice. But raising and lowering all your shades can be a time-consuming nuisance.

Now there’s a much better way to take care of that task. Marvin automated exterior shades use a motorized, fully programmable shading system that combines both infrared and radio frequency technology to give you complete control of your windows. You can preset the precise shading position of any window for optimal energy management, privacy, and mood.

Unlike many current exterior-shading systems, Marvin’s new patent-pending shading solution doesn’t use bulky add-ons that can ruin the line of the windows from outside—or block your views from inside.

This new shading system is compatible with screened windows and gives you the choice between currently available options of a retractable louvered screen for solar control and natural ventilation, or a more traditional shade with slats to match your desires for solar control, privacy and improved U-value.

Some of the additional benefits of this new shading system include:

  • Fully integrated into window – not an add-on product
  • Available with Marvin exterior clad casing selections
  • Easy, fully programmable operation
  • Choose from 19 colors to match all standard Marvin clad colors.
  • Shades can easily be replaced by homeowners with exterior access
  • Low-voltage, remarkably quiet integrated motor
  • Self-correcting tracks ensure shades are always in alignment
  • And much more!

With this new automated shading system, you’ll get the most out of your windows—with the least amount of effort. You’ll really have it made in the shade!