One of the biggest elements of current home design is to feature as much natural light as possible. Letting natural light into your home opens up your home and creates a sense of more space. It’s also a way to bring the great outdoors indoors!

Naturally, one of the best ways to do that is with your choice of windows. So if you want to let more light into your Bloomfield Hills area home, you don’t want to cut corners. When we say that, however, we’re not just talking about avoiding cheap windows. We’re talking about installing windows in the corners of your house that are designed to let in more light in a unique, eye-catching way.

Originally developed as a custom item, the Marvin 90-degree corner window is now available through special order and makes a dramatic visual impact on any room. Using a special designer clad corner post that measures a skinny 2 11/16 inches, these windows let in lots of sunlight and great views.

New Window Installer Bloomfield Hills MIYou can choose symmetrical or asymmetrical configurations (such as the one you see in the picture). That provides you with a lot of design flexibility (both vertically and horizontally). These unusually stunning windows allow you to take advantage of panoramic views and can be the focal point for any room in your home. And they add a distinctive design element to the exterior of your home as well—as you can see here.

Your home’s windows play a significant role in the way your Bloomfield Hills home looks and feels. If you want to make a dramatic design statement—and make the most of the natural light coming into your home, while drawing the eye to spectacular views, don’t cut corner when it’s time to install new windows.