new windows for older Ann Arbor homes Combining classic style and old-school elegance with the latest technologies and energy efficiency can be a challenge. If you have an older home in the Ann Arbor area you may have found that challenge a bit daunting—especially when it comes to installing new windows. The good news is that—with the right windows—it’s not an impossible task.

The house you see pictured was built in Minneapolis in 1905. It was featured in This Old House as the owners brought it up to date. And while new doors and windows were only part of the renovation, you can see that they play a big role in the updated—yet respectful—appearance of the home.

You can see from the front (above) that the windows look traditional and right at home. At the same time, they deliver superior comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency.

New windows viewed from back of house
Here’s a view from the back of the house. The interior view demonstrates how the updated sliding doors capture the look and feel of a house built in the early 1900s. At the same time, the exterior angle captures how the new doors give the home a fresh look that doesn’t clash with its historical look.

You may not be trying to update a home that’s more than a century old, but you can still give your Ann Arbor home a fresh new look—both inside and out—without “breaking the mold” of your home’s architectural style.

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