A new front door is a dramatic and simple way to upgrade the exterior of your home, and it might also be one of the best ways to quickly boost the security of your home. One of the best reasons to upgrade a door to a security door is that it features multiple enhancements to the home in both the appearance of the house, as well as its overall security level.

“Killing two birds with one stone” was never easier than with a new security door. If your door is in need of replacement anyway, expanding your search to include security doors may provide the best overall investment value.

Materials for Your Security Door

When you think of a security door, you might have visions of cold, gray cement and iron bars, but security doors don’t actually have to look like they’re guarding Fort Knox. Doors come in a variety of different materials like aluminum, wood, and vinyl, and security doors also feature several designs, materials, and architectural themes.

Get Variety in Appearance and Security

Troy MI Marvin Exterior Door InstallationFrom modern doors that embrace the simplistic feel of an ultra-modern home to the classic paneled wood doors that might remind you a Midcentury home, security doors often don’t even look like security doors. Enhancements to the strength and durability of the doors have been concealed beneath attractive exteriors and beautiful colors.

Security Ratings for Your New Door

One of the features you’ll want to investigate is the impact-resistance of the door. Some doors feature particularly strong hinges meant to resist stormy, windy weather. Other doors feature shatter-resistant glass that won’t break easily. If a burglar can’t quickly smash his way into your home, he might not bother going any further than your front porch.

Making it Safe in the Summer

During a summer day, you might want to open your door to get some cross-ventilation going, but an open door defeats the purpose of a security door. Fortunately, you can look at a security screen door, which won’t provide exceptional protection, but will offer you some peace-of-mind when your front door remains open.

Choosing the Right Locks

In addition to sturdy construction, a security door also needs some beefy locks. A particularly strong door that isn’t protected by (at the very minimum) a dead-bolt, is sort of like leaving the door open and the keys in the ignition of a car. All that protection won’t matter a whiff if the locks aren’t up to snuff.

Look at sites like Consumer Reports when choosing the right lock for your home. You may also want to search opinion sites, and the reviews posted for the locks you’re considering to gauge their performance and dependability.

Other Safety Tips

A security system is only effective when it’s used properly, and the same goes for security doors. A security door is a wonderful way to improve the security on your home for minimal investment, but follow these simple tips to make your door even more effective:

  • Always lock the door, even when you’re home
  • Don’t leave keys to the door under the flowerpot or another obvious spot
  • Give the key to as few people as possible
  • Consider security doors for all exterior doors

Whether you live in an established neighborhood where everyone knows one another or not, it’s important to be smart with security and never assume that a burglary or break-in will never happen. There’s no such thing as being over-prepared when it comes to security.

Let Us Help You Choose the Right Door

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