keego harbor mi window replacementIt’s a well known fact that wine improves with age. Unfortunately, the same isn’t true with windows. If the windows in your Keego Harbor home are more than 20 years old you may not be getting the kind of performance from them that you want—or expect. The thing is, if you’ve been in your home a while, that decrease in performance can sneak up on you over time. Here are 5 signs that the windows in your Keego Harbor home may need to be replaced.


  1. You Feel a Draft: This problem can go unnoticed because you generally don’t see the evidence. And unless you’re right next to your windows, you may not feel it. But if a room is hard to heat you may want to check your windows more closely. If you can feel a draft when you’re near the window, it’s time to replace it with a window that has a low U rating.
  1. You See Condensation Between the Panes: Windows that use double or triple panes of glass do so to increase insulation properties. But if you see condensation forming there, that means the seals are compromised and you’re not getting the protection you should. On top of that, the wet or foggy look isn’t appealing.
  1. You Notice Condensation on the Inside of the Window: That’s a sign that your gas-filled window (probably argon) is leaking. This is similar to what we just described except it means the gas (which is supposed to provide insulation) has leaked out. You’re paying more to heat your home if that happens.
  1. Your Windows are Hard to Operate: It doesn’t really matter if you have casement windows or double-hung windows; they’re supposed to open and close smoothly. In the case of double-hung windows, it’s likely that the wood casement has taken on moisture and has swollen—making it hard to open and close. If you have casement windows the problem could be a build-up of dirt or debris. But it could also be that the mechanisms have worn out.
  1. You’ve Got Water Coming In: This seems pretty obvious, but if you have water coming in during intense rains, your windows aren’t sealing properly. Sometimes water can collect in the window track. If you have wood-framed windows, that can cause them to swell and stick.

BONUS REASON: You may simply not like the way your windows look. The trend today is toward larger, more open windows that let in more natural light for a more open and airy feel in the home. Not only do new windows look better, but they also eliminate the problems listed above, improve the comfort of your home, and help reduce your utility bills!

You can check out a wide array of replacement windows for your Keego Harbor-area home by visiting us to take a look inside our Bloomfield Hills showroom—or come by 2350 Franklin Road, in Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302.