window replacement Farmington Hills MIIf your Farmington Hills area home is more than 20 years old, you could really benefit from replacing your existing windows. The problem is that you might not be aware of those benefits—or even of the need. After all, your windows are simply there. You see right through them (hopefully), so it’s easy to take them for granted. But here are three reasons why replacing those older windows may make sense for you.

 Windows Wear Out: Your windows are subject to all kinds of elements (heat, cold, rain, snow, wind) that cause wear and tear. Over time, the sash or frame can warp, become damaged, or simply wear out. Your windows may still “work,” but they probably don’t function the way they were designed. They may fog over, become covered in ice, let in drafts, or simply not open and close easily. If you’ve ever hesitated to open a window to let some fresh air in (because you know it will be a pain to close it), you know what I’m talking about!

Today’s Windows Are Far More Energy-efficient: If you’ve ever stared at your utility bill in disbelief, your windows may be one of the big culprits. Thanks to advances in technology and new materials, today’s energy-efficient windows can reduce drafts, screen out harmful UV rays, and keep things warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Insulating glass is standard in all Marvin windows along with thousands of option that meet ENERGY STAR® Most Efficiency designation, the highest standard for efficiency for the program. You can actually see significant a reduction in your heating and cooling costs. And what’s just as important is that your family will be more comfortable in any season.

Adding New Windows Can Add Beauty:  I mentioned earlier that you see right through your windows, but the reality is that dated windows can actually stop your eyes from taking in the beauty of your views. If your window’s color is fading, or the window material is warped. You may find yourself staring at your old windows instead of enjoying the views. Replacing out-dated windows can also rejuvenate the look of any room in your home. For instance, adding larger windows or replacing a bank of windows with one large window in your family room can really brighten the whole room. Taking advantage of natural light is a great way to give your room more visual space—without adding a single square foot.

Many homes are built with what’s sometimes called “Construction Level” windows. The fact is that these windows simply aren’t designed to last for more than 10 or 15 years. And in environments with wide swings in temperature (like you’ll find in Michigan), the wear and tear really takes its toll. If your Farmington Hills-area home is more than 20 years old, you could really benefit from the comfort, energy savings, and improved look and feel of quality windows.

If you’d like to see the options for yourself, we invite you to visit us to take a look inside our Bloomfield Hills showroom—or come by 2350 Franklin Road, in Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you find just the right windows for any room in your  Farmington Hills home.