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Quality Windows & Doors for West Bloomfield, Michigan

Marvin Design Gallery proudly provides the city of West Bloomfield, Michigan and the surrounding areas with the highest quality in window and door services for your budget. Whether you own a small residential home or a large commercial business, we can help you select products that accommodate all of your window and exterior door needs.

West Bloomfield is sometimes referred to by its residents as the “lake township of Oakland County” because of its many lakes and ponds. It has more water than all but one other municipality in the nation and is home to 28 lakes, 150 ponds and over 3,500 acres of protected wetlands and woodlands.

For over 75 years, Marvin has delivered the very best in product, price and overall workmanship for windows and doors. Whether you are looking to give your West Bloomfield home or business a whole new look or you are interested in more energy efficient doors and windows, Marvin Design Gallery is the right choice for the job.

Upgrade the Windows & Doors in Your West Bloomfield Property

There are many benefits to replacing the windows and doors on a residential home or commercial business. By upgrading, you add to the overall appearance of the property.

For businesses, this can mean attracting new customers and boosting sales. For homeowners, new windows and doors will not only increase the home’s curb appeal, they can also potentially increase the value of the property.

Upgrading your windows and doors is also a great way to make your property more energy efficient. Structures with old windows and doors may not be very air tight. As a result, you tend to use more energy to maintain the comfortable indoor temperature that you are used to.

Choose the Best Window Style for Your Home or Business

Choosing the right windows for your needs and personal tastes can be quite a challenge sometimes. That’s why we offer a variety of styles to choose from for your West Bloomfield property.

Bay Windows: Starting from the wall, this window projects outward and allows for a fantastic viewing experience.
Bow Windows: Similar to a bay window but curved.
Casement Windows: This window, which is attached to the frame, swings outward on the horizontal plane using a set of hinges.
Double Hung Windows: Both the top pane and the bottom pane of the window move upward and downward.

Select from a Variety of Exterior Door Options

Here at Marvin Design Gallery, we offer a wide array of exterior door options for all your needs. The four main types of doors we offer include:

Entry Doors: This styled door has an average height of 80 inches, has quality locks and offers a pre-hung option.
French Doors: Glass panes complement this door from the very top to the bottom.
Slider Doors: A slider door that generally leads to the patio and consists of a pair of doors in which one of the doors is slid opened and closed using a track.
Patio Doors: A sliding door that leads to the patio or backyard of a home.

Your Window & Door Specialists in West Bloomfield

When you choose Marvin Design Gallery, you have access to a wide array of professional services all at the most affordable rates around. Our full list of services for clients in the West Bloomfield area includes:

  • Window installation
  • Window replacement
  • Glass replacement
  • Window repair
  • Window painting and staining
  • Exterior door installation and replacement
  • Project planning
Let Marvin Help with Your West Bloomfield Project

Contact our professionals for your complimentary consultation, and let’s get your windows and doors upgraded today. You may also want to visit our showroom to learn more about our premier products and browse our selection.

When you choose Marvin Design Gallery, you always enjoy:

  • A variety of window and door options and styles
  • Projects completed in a timely manner
  • Our “20/10/5 Warranty” promise
  • Superior and professional installation
  • No unexpected or hidden fees

The quality of the products and services we offer simply surpasses our competition on every single level. Call today!



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