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For over 75 years, Marvin Design Gallery has provided homeowners in Keego Harbor, MI with quality window and door solutions. Our team of experts install energy efficient windows and doors and offer window and glass repair as well as window staining and painting services.

Nestled along Cass Lake, Keego Harbor is a small community full of character. It’s no surprise that a town bearing the Indian name for “big fish” is known for its water recreation and resources. With water surrounding much of the Keego Harbor area, residents enjoy living a life balanced of indoor and outdoor time. But while summers in Keego Harbor may be beautiful, winters can bring harsh weather. It’s critical that everyone’s homes and businesses are ready for whatever the season brings.

Do you imagine opening your windows and doors to let in the warm air of early summer? Do you want those same windows and doors to seal tight and keep out the frigid winds of winter? Marvin Design Gallery has what you need! We specialize in durable, energy efficient windows and doors for Keego Harbor and the surrounding area.

Services offered by the specialists at Marvin Design Gallery by Laurence Smith

Whether you’re seeking an update to your front door, an upgrade to an energy-efficient lifestyle, or a complete aesthetic overhaul, Marvin Design Gallery has a product and service for you. We understand that no two homes are alike, so we offer the largest variety of products in the business. Are you looking for as much light as possible, with a seamless transition from the inside to to outside of your home? Consider sliding patio doors, where you can easily spot the kids playing in the yard! Do you have a beautiful view of the harbor? Think about installing a bay window, where you can relax in the nook and enjoy your view on a daily basis. But don’t just take our word for it – you can visit our showroom to experience the variety for yourself. Here are a few products you can expect to see:


Bay windows: Starting from the wall, these widows project outward, which is fantastic for enjoying your view
Bow windows: Just like bay windows, bow windows also project outward, but in a curved fashion
Casement windows: These windows are attached to the frame and swing outward on a horizontal plane using a set of hinges
Double-hung windows: Both the top pane and the bottom pane of the windows move upward and downward


Entry doors: These doors have an average height of 80 inches with quality locks and with a pre-hung option
French doors: Glass panes complement these doors from top to bottom for a seamless transition from interior to exterior
Slider doors: These doors generally leads to the patio and consists of a pair of doors in which one is slid opened and closed using a track

Our team of experts is here to help select the style that fits your unique home and aesthetic. With our exceptional variety, together we will find the best choice for you.

Are you ready to upgrade your windows or doors? Here’s a list of the services Marvin Design Gallery is excited to provide:

  • Window installation
  • Window replacement
  • Glass replacement
  • Window repair
  • Window painting and staining
  • Exterior door installation and replacement
  • Project planning

Our team is happy to help! Give us a call for a free consultation today to see how we can transform your Keego Harbor home with windows and doors from Marvin Design Gallery.

Our clients are our first priority and we are committed to providing outstanding service and value. If you are a homeowner in Keego Harbor, MI looking for windows or doors, we welcome you to visit our showroom or contact us to schedule a consultation.

Why Marvin Design Gallery by Laurence Smith?

Established almost a century ago, Marvin Design Gallery by is dedicated to serving Southeast Michigan with top-quality products and services at affordable prices. We deeply understand the history of each town and how the structures and properties reflect that history. That’s why we at Marvin Design Gallery by Laurence Smith offer a larger variety of product styles than any other company.

Aside from aesthetics, we also want your windows to withstand the tests of harsh Michigan weather. Using the government’s ENERGY STAR standards, Marvin windows are environmentally sustainable and energy efficient. With durable, properly-sealing windows, we help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Today’s windows even measure the strength of the window for features like security, drafts and pressure.

Lastly, we offer each and every customer our 5-Point Pledge: Our philosophy involves zero pressure – we give you options and time to decide what’s best for your home or business. Our projects are finished on time with constant communication, as well as on budget. We stick to the contract with no unexpected fees. We deliver an unmatched product with our “20/10/15 Warranty” promise. And, we ensure professional installation with proper care on every project.



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