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For over 75 years, Marvin Design Gallery we’ve built a strong relationship among residents in Grosse Pointe, MI with quality window and door solutions. We’re best known for the installation of energy efficient windows and doors. We also offer window and glass repair as well as window staining and painting services.

Grosse Pointe may be small in size, but it’s waterfront beauty is truly astounding. From the epic mansions on the shore to the quaint bungalows inland, Grosse Pointe’s homes are are mini masterpieces. But perhaps the most well-known are the historic homes that span the 1-square mile city. By simply walking through one neighborhood to the next, one can see everything from neo-georgian aesthetics to tudor-revivals and dutch-colonials.

In a town as stunning as Grosse Pointe, it’s no surprise that homeowners take great pride in keeping their properties beautiful. That’s why Marvin Design Gallery specializes in offering window and door services for Southeast Michigan homes and businesses. We seek to keep the charm and integrity of your home flourishing while upgrading your windows and doors to top-quality.

At Marvin, we also know that Grosse Pointe’s beauty comes with harsh winter seasons. Our team of experts deeply understands the area and local climate, recommending the best doors and windows to protect you and your family from the outside elements.

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Why Upgrade your Windows & Doors?

Are you considering updates to your windows and doors? As a homeowner, new windows and doors can increase your curb appeal and even boost your property value; and as a business owner, they keep your building looking professional, which is instrumental in retaining and attracting new customers. Aesthetics aside, we also ensure our windows and doors are air-tight, which can be a huge benefit especially in older structures. Energy-efficient windows and doors can help regulate the temperature inside your home or business, keeping the cost of bills down.

Services offered by Marvin Design Gallery by Laurence Smith

We offer top-quality window and door services to meet your budget and your property, from small residential homes to large commercial businesses. By specializing in window and door installation and replacement, we harness all of our energy on bringing you the best – the best prices, products, and service.

Our full list of services include:

  • Window installation
  • Window replacement
  • Glass replacement
  • Window repair
  • Window painting and staining
  • Exterior door installation and replacement
  • Project planning

Are you ready for better windows and doors but not sure where to start? Don’t worry! Our team of experts is here to help select the style that fits your unique home and aesthetic. With our exceptional variety, together we will find the best choice for you. Here are a few recommendations to start considering:


Bay windows: Starting from the wall, these widows project outward, which is fantastic for enjoying your view
Bow windows: Just like bay windows, bow windows also project outward, but in a curved fashion
Casement windows: These windows are attached to the frame and swing outward on a horizontal plane using a set of hinges
Double-hung windows: Both the top pane and the bottom pane of the windows move upward and downward


Entry doors: These doors have an average height of 80 inches with quality locks and with a pre-hung option
French doors: Glass panes complement these doors from top to bottom for a seamless transition from interior to exterior
Slider doors: These doors generally leads to the patio and consists of a pair of doors in which one is slid opened and closed using a track

Our clients are our first priority and we are committed to providing outstanding service and value. If you are a homeowner in Grosse Pointe, MI looking for windows or doors, we welcome you to visit our showroom or contact us to schedule a consultation.

Why Marvin Design Gallery by Laurence Smith?

For over 75 years, Marvin Design Gallery by Laurence Smith has been committed to serving you with quality and value. We believe everyone deserves a happy, comfortable home. That’s why we treat your property with the care and consideration as if it were our own.

What makes us different? First, we work closely with you to understand your unique style and goals. Second, we offer premier products that you can trust. You’re welcome to visit our showroom to explore our selection first-hand! Third, we know home projects, no matter how small, can be overwhelming. We work to complete our projects in a timely manner so you can continue your home life with as little interruption as possible. And with Marvin, you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs. We provide transparent pricing with no hidden fees. Lastly, we leave you with our “20/10/5” warranty promise.

Whether you’re seeking an update to your front door, an upgrade to an energy-efficient lifestyle, or a complete aesthetic overhaul, we’re the team for you!



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