Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Energy Efficient Window Contractor Ann Arbor MISave money with energy efficient Marvin window and doors! One of the hottest topics for discussion in today’s home renovation world is energy efficiency, and your windows and doors are a fantastic place to start!

Energy efficient homes have a positive impact on the environment while also making it less expensive to own a home. The Department of Energy provides some eye-opening statistics on energy savings when you choose to upgrade to energy efficient windows. For residents in and around Michigan, your savings might reach $377 a year if you switch from single-pane to double-pane windows.

Energy Efficient Window and Door Contractor Birmingham MIThe Importance of Sustainability

One of the important concepts of today’s energy efficient homes is the idea of sustainability. You’ve probably heard this word before, but are not aware of its full meaning. A sustainable home reaches into the future for long-term, positive impact. Additionally, sustainable practices help improve efficiency today to help homeowners realize immediate savings in energy costs.

Marvin Design Gallery by Laurence Smith partners with today’s leaders in energy efficient building materials, such as Marvin windows and its series of LEED certified products, to create net zero building innovations and passive building options.

Do Your Windows and Doors Need Replacement?

Energy Efficient Door and Window Installer Livonia MIHere’s how to tell if your current windows and doors need to be replaced:

  • You feel a breeze when you hold a hand up to the door
  • Bent or crooked frames create visible gaps
  • The panes rattle every time you close the door
  • Hairline cracks due to age run across or down the door

Sometimes, all it takes is a look at your crookedly-hung front door to realize that you are probably losing money every single month on excess heating or cooling bills. However, do not assume that age is the only factor in replacement. Environmental factors also play a role, as well as past maintenance on the door or window.

Would you like to learn more about how energy efficient doors and windows will add value to your home improvement plan? Contact Marvin Design Gallery by Laurence Smith for a consultation on energy efficient options for your home by our expert team based in Southeast Michigan.